The Villa was built by the lawyer Eugenio Grillone who completely renovated an exisisting farm. The hill has been denominated Cornarea since the XI century.
Mr. Grillone was also the mayor of Canale at the beginning of last century.

He personally designed the Villa, inspired by a model seen in Torino during an International Exibition in 1908. An entire chapter is dedicated to Villa Cornarea in the book Idilli Canalesi (1945).

The location was personally chosen by Grillone himself, being isolated in nature, an oasis of peace and tranquility to recover mind, body and soul. He carved this philosophy on the threshold of the Villa with an ancient Latin “motto”: In quiete salus (“Where stillness, is health”).

In the Sixties the De Orsola family, coffee traders from Torino, bought the Villa for their summer holidays and for welcoming important guests, such as the ambassador of Brazil.

Then, in 1974 the Villa and the whole hill became the property of the oenologist Bovone and his family. He was looking for a cru (a hill fully exposed to the sunlight) to re-plant an ancient autochthonous white vine that had nearly disappeared at that time: the Arneis.
He re-planted 15 hectares of vineyards around the Villa, 3 of Nebbiolo and 12 of Arneis that were the very first vineyards of today’s celebrated Arneis. Indeed, at that time, it was only cultivated among the rows of red grapevines.