The Idyls of Canale

“Two roads meander through the valleys of Monteu Roero and Santo Stefano and join near the first houses of Canale. They are overlooked by a knap which has a reddish building in the centre, looking like a small castle, beautiful, towered and nimbly designed. Easily recognizable from both valleys , it looks like a building from the XVII century, pretty, not massive, an idyllic place for a country gentleman rather than for a bold protector of the village.

A visitor who would like to go up there for a closer look immediately realizes that it is quite recent, but it`s impossible to miss the purity of the style.

It`s the Cornarea: the country summer residence of the late lawyer Mr. Eugenio Grillone, designer and builder of the Villa itself. The style is similar to another building constructed in Torino for the World Exibition in1908.[…]
Mr. Grillone […] told me about that in his old age. He liked to welcome me on a sunny day or in the evening, when the guests used to play bingo in the large kitchen. The old town councilors also used to visit Mr. Grillone.

[…] The hall and the small living rooms were opened to courtly receptions and all the middle-class of Canale respectfully came […]”





(from Idilli Canalesi, Mario C. Giordano.
Pinerolo, Ed V.P.C., printed in 1945, pp 55-56)