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“The two roads which, winding through the valleys of Monteu and Santo Stefano, join up with the first houses of the Municipality of Canale, are dominated by a wedge-shaped ridge weighed down in its center by a reddish, towered castle, beautiful initiative agile design that it makes it easy to identify and meets the gaze of the wanderer of both valleys. It looks like an eighteenth-century building, gracious, not bulky,more an idyl place of rest for some gentleman than a for man defending the village.
The observer who conscientiously wants to climb the little road that leads up there to see up close, soon realizes that it is a fairly recent construction, but he cannot fail to admire the purity of style and the vigilant care with which it was built. “

It’s La Cornarea.

Excerpt from Idilli Canalesi, Mario C. Girdano.
Pinerolo, Edizione V.P.C., print 1945, pp. 55-56

Villa Cornarea

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Via Valentino 150
12043 Canale d’Alba (CN)

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